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215 Milan
25.04.08 18:52
I cannot wait any long... want new album release!!!!!!!
  E-Mail 364195989

214 sonray
24.04.08 20:34
any info / realease dates on the new album? Unfinished 1 & 2 are (from myspace.com/trickola) are incredible. Look foward to hearing. lovelovelove

213 Milanche
24.04.08 16:44
Tricky master,big hug from serbia!

212 Mat
28.03.08 02:26

211 Jack The Ripper
25.03.08 14:18
anyone know how to get somehow the Spirit Music Group 4 cd's set - added recently to promos discography?? That's the amazing set... help :)

210 deliibrahim19
27.02.08 21:15
oh shit, there's a problem with the link i've just sent.
in the link, delete the "gap" in "montreux"; there's a gap after "n" in the http address. that's done by mistake. delete it and try..
OK, have fun!

209 deliibrahim19
27.02.08 21:11
are you sure knowle west boy will be about classical music??
where did you get this info??

by the way for the ones who like it:
TRICKY - Live in Montreux Jazz Festival (2001)
http://rapidshare.com/files/79786433/tricky_live_in_mon treux.part01.rar
http://rapidshare.com/files/79791653/tricky_live_in_mon treux.part02.rar


208 chevalier patrice
23.02.08 20:15
Well, I am a bit worried about Adrian (tricky) about his new album sounds like another demos ..Classical Music ! about time too.. Pre Millenium should have been tricky meets Bach,Beethoven, mozart, Berg, Debussy. Erik Satie .Because on classical music there is no publishing or performance copyright samples on old vinyls.. I feel guilty I should have told him years ago.I didnt !!he could hane mades great music and please someone tell him please ...
  E-Mail Callasexperience.com

207 Loscarlos
29.01.08 19:25
You have made a great site! I especially like the part with shakespeare

206 Jerry
04.01.08 19:57
By the way, if you haven't seen MOJO yet, Tricky says the album is inspired by his experiences growing up in Knowle West, Bristol. He also says that the album is like his version of classical music! He tried recording it with heavy guitars and that didn't work so he went for strings.

If anyone is in Paris for the Brown Punk night, please report! Tell Adrian to get over to Bristol soon.

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