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185 mia
16.10.06 20:50
Neneh Cherry tracks produced by Tricky are shelved by Virgin.
There is a new petition, in which we are demanding from Virgin Records. Please, sign your name, and tell about the petition to other people, who can help us. Promote it everywhere you can Every vote is important! Thank you!
Here's the link :

We also have a signature picture. Please use it everywhere you can :


184 Maz_out
10.10.06 01:15
Thanks for this usefull site, very good work. Like everybody i'm waiting for really better musics from Tricky. Please make me sick, I need it.

183 David Dull
06.09.06 20:41
my woodoo make em sick
i love 6 minutes. 6 minutes im on.....
nice site. keep up the good work. im off.

182 jamaican kamikaze
27.08.06 14:35
on tricky's myspace, it says "Tricky has 0 friends" . i think it would be better it were "Tricky has 0 friends and 0 fans" :)
where've all the trendy-dressing kids of 1998s gone? where've you gone all yo'all? are you on black eyed peas' fan site? anyway, Chevalier's previous post made me real happy. i hope it's true. i want a brand new album that would redefine things. something like Maxinquaye.. bye.

181 patrice chevalier
23.08.06 15:52
the album Angel with dirty faces was made up from left over songs from pre-millenuim and a 3 weeks session in New orlean . this style of very music will never be recorded again as the key musicians on these sessions do not work with tricky again like myself, guitar basse, keyboard. we and tricky moved on ...

180 disappointed Tricky fan
20.08.06 21:19
everyone who's read this and wants a new album from Tricky AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, pls write down something.. or just write "agreed". personally i want more tensed stuff like "Angels with dirty faces"..

179 patrice chevalier
27.07.06 22:00
Dont worry all you tricky fans! (Adrian) Tricky will come up with an amazingdefinitive album, be patient, I know him really well as I worked with him for 4 years playing guitar. He is trully unique the only true genius I have come across in the music industry. He simply needs time to get it together

By Patrice alias guitar god
  E-Mail patricechevalier.fr.st

178 disappointed Tricky fan
12.07.06 14:06
Hey Kitty, nice to see you back on work :)
Tricky betrayed us, he dont do anything nice for us. Living in the US did not do him any good. maybe we should boycott him, i dont know?
but hey, i always watch the counter of moon-palace, and even in the period where no wind blew people just went on visiting here, that's good, so please update when possible :) i would be willing to donate for this site to continue if you let that.. i dont want this site to be like the good old "apocalypse:Tricky(RIP)" or that "bestofthebunch" site. cos if this site went dead, i'd be quite sad :(

05.07.06 04:09
Tricky represente toujours..
Merci kitty pour ce site hallucinant sur le kid,l'asmathique de bristol..

176 Gary
10.06.06 00:49
Kitty You do a fantastic job. I know how busy you are so appreciate all the updates you make. Hope you are keeping well. PS. Martina still makes fairly regular comments on her message board.
  E-Mail http://www.LearnTheGuitarToday.com

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