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195 Trickynerd
23.04.07 18:15

2 new tracks and info about his upcoming movie "brown punk"
  E-Mail www.myspace.com/trickynerd

194 Inga
23.03.07 12:17
Go Tricky, go!!! Superklasse Sache!

193 Demian Kool
20.03.07 15:35
aint there any news?????????

album???? martina album????
is he dead?????


192 erika
05.03.07 12:42
thank you for that pages, it's better than the official web site, I'm a french fan and I didn't know all about his story!
  E-Mail thanks you...

191 Le Sefil
19.02.07 13:46
Great site.
i want more Tricky stuff. he must produce more....


190 tomer
21.12.06 00:43
liked your website

189 j u l i e n
25.11.06 19:13
HI Kitty & freaks from anywhere We all hope Tricky will come back to our ears really soon with some new neverheardbefore sound.
Thanks a lot to Sir CHEVALIER for his amazing guitar parts and for his messages to.

188 Jess
11.11.06 02:00
I'm a long-time Tricky fan who lost touch of what he was doing and happy to find a site with people still writing about him.
But please don't be too harsh, everyone drops out from time to time, lets just hope he will be back.
I agree with Patrice, he is a musical genius, anyone who has seen him live will know how intense he is.
I saw Tricy perform numerous times in the "early" days, haven't seen anyone who compares live to this day. Missed him when he went to the US, but caught him at Glastonbury a few years ago (when he released Vulnerable), he hadn't done anything for a while and I was stunned at how good he was.
If his My Tube entry really does say 0 friends then I hope he knows how many fans he has out there still, who care about him, recognise the gift he has and hope to hell he creates some more magic for us all.

187 Trickynerd
08.11.06 15:32
I read that Tricky had voice problems and wants to finish his brown punk stuff, but that's not confirmed.

186 Jesse
08.11.06 07:49
Anybody know what the final word was on the the cancelation of all the tour dates? I wish the brown punk site would actually go live, or maybe some updates on trickyonline. Whats the use of a website if your not going to update it.

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