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235 Andreas
10.11.08 20:32
Me again,

thank you for your effort (and those who share with you the news) keeping up this page. I really appreciate it. I hope you will experience the Martina concert tommorrow in this way you want to experience ... Shame on me that I won´t come for matters of business ...



234 Andreas
11.10.08 11:25
I really enjoyed the Berlin show, except for the sometimes very poor sound (cymbals ...) and the supporting bands. By the way, it is a shame what the guy from the Tagesspiegel wrote about the concert in every aspect ...

I also wondered about the first encore, which you entitled as new/unknown song. I agree, however, it seemed to me that I recognized some phrases of "carriage for two". But, as another great band already stated: I might be wrong.


233 lucsta
27.09.08 21:41
anyone know what Tricky published in the book "The Fire People" (a collection of black british poets)? Jack, go to the library and post will ya?

232 Bernd
16.09.08 18:35
My brain thinks Bomb-Like, Bomb-like....

Great site, many thanx !

231 deliibrahim19
13.09.08 17:36
for a Tricky fan channel with 325 subscribers...
  E-Mail http://www.youtube.com/deliibrahim19

230 Bertrand
11.09.08 19:20
Manesh Kadefskogo Korpusa ..I think the unidentfied song is a sped up version of 'Love Cats'

229 B
31.08.08 16:50
Tricky live clip 'School Gates'

228 Fraiseman
18.08.08 10:16
Moon Palace is the greatest web site I've ever seen about Bristol's genius Tricky!
Good job, really well done!
Many thanks!

227 Bertrand
02.08.08 17:04
Hi Kitty,
The Wire Article in full..)


226 Jerry
10.07.08 00:43
'Knowle West Boy'. Having listened to it about four or five times now, I'd say it's up there with 'Blowback' and 'PMT' but he's still finding it impossible to live up to the incredible 'Maxinquaye'. All the tracks have much to recommend on them, although, as the album is supposed to have been inspired by Tricky's childhood, I'd have liked to hear more overt references to this. As Knowle West is one of my own old stamping grounds, I expect I has hoping for a whole bunch of local references. Still, it's not really Tricky's style I suppose. The Kylie Minogue cover is a bit of a waste of time but otherwise, a very good album. I, too, am very disappointed by the artwork and lack of lyrics. Nice family photo on the back, though. UK tour, please?

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