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256 Einträge
246 corluius
17.07.10 02:36
new trickola site take shape:
www.trickysite.com ?

something offical finally....

245 Kostja
21.06.10 12:54
sehr gute page haben sie
echt gut gemacht)))
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244 doris
19.03.10 15:15
Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut. Macht weiter so.
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243 Andreas
01.02.10 21:32
Ahh, I forgot: any chance to get the lyrics of "numb". The usual Google-search did not come up with reliable results. Thank you also for this site and greetings to "Faulkind" Thorben, whatever he does in the moment.

242 Andreas
01.02.10 21:29
Thank you for the answer. Did I say that my six month-old/young son and I instantly fell in love with track #8 of the South Rakka-album. How does Tricky & and his environment always achieve it to create classics independent from the genre ... I mean I ignore the disco-80´s (apart from visages "fade to grey"), but this version of "numb" is just brilliant. He´s an artist who still creates art, even after so much years he resisted to stop moving ... impressing! I am thankful for every album he did (except for Blowback, sorry) and will do.

241 Andreas
29.01.10 08:55
Hi all,

does anyone of you know where the original version of "numb" from the recent "tricky meets south rakka crew"-album is taken from. I cannot remember to have listened to a song called "numb" from tricky so far.

Thank you very very very much
Kommentar: It was a b-side to the single "Puppy Toy". You can check the discography for it (http://moon-palace.de/tricky/solo2.html#puppy)

240 Facundo
22.08.09 06:40
Good lord, i have just seen him in Buenos Aires, he was so fucking awesome, he let the public enter and dance with him on the stage.

Anyway, love your site, i realised about the event by this page. Cheers!

239 amon pearls
13.07.09 20:42
great page! thank you thank you thank you'!

238 poor sod
22.04.09 19:59
what happened to "The Trickettes" The girl group that were going to support Girls Aloud! Loads of girls travelled hundreds of miles spent their meagre grant ( not all of them were Stage School groupies) to audition for you. On the promise that you "would get back to them real soon to let them know one way or the other" That is all they asked, they know the world they want to pursue.
But they heared nothing, An e mail sent by one of your followere would have been enough. No integrity, no thought no empathy. What does that say about your music.

Kommentar: This is not the official website of Tricky, just a fansite, so he won't read this. Please go to www.myspace.com/trickola for example.
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237 deliibrahim
03.01.09 21:25


has almost 500 subscribers!!!
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