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25 Rodrigo guedes
15.10.03 13:58
This webpage is cool !
  E-Mail http://www.arearestrita.blogger.com.br

24 ida
15.10.03 13:55
yo.. tricky is god and I would give my new sneakers away if he could change the date for his gig in vega, copenhagen. in fact I would also give away my fantastic mirrorball AND my newfound love. peace! / idaaho
  E-Mail http://idahoish.cjb.net

23 Jeroen
15.10.03 13:53
Tricky, Nighttown Rotterdam June 18th 2003... what can I say more: I was so looking forward to see Tricky again and it was one big disappointment as he lost his voice a few days ago and didn't want to disappoint his fans in the Netherlands... He was on stage but that was it - you couldn't hear him at all!!!

Once again: one BIG disappointment!!!

So it was known that he lost his voice... why did he perform anyway? Why didn't we get the opportunity to get our 25 euros back? Hmmmm... he seems a little money hungry???

22 Urs
15.10.03 12:07
I saw Tricky at Berlinova festival on sunday - unfortunately THAT performance was really bad. He had no voice at all and the show lasted only 45mins - after Tricky had thrown things after one of the rodies they cut the gig off.
I'm really disappointed, because I've expected more after seeing hin in Hamburg a couple of years ago, which was a very good concert. Maybe it's just a matter of luck to see Tricky perform well... Actually I went to this festival first of all to see Tricky, but at least I enjoyed Kosheen.

21 Phil
15.10.03 12:04
Went to see Tricky last night at the royal Festival Hall (london). excellent, really excellent, had Lee Scratch Perry up as well, theres something i thought i'd never see.

Great stuff, can't wait to see Tricky again.

20 Antoine
15.10.03 12:01
salut en fait j'ai une requête un peu spéciale pour les gens qui vont voir le concert de tricky le 26 juin au Zénith. Moi, je veux juste aller voir la première partie avec une amie, le groupe s'appelle Michael Franti and spearhead. Donc s'il y a des gens qui veulent bien partager leur billet en deux, genre on ressort dès que la première partie est finie pour leur rendre leur billet, ca m'arrangerait pas mal vu le prix initial du billet. Mon mail c'est hegesippe22@yahoo.fr. Merci d'avance

19 Judy Crouch
15.10.03 11:59
My husband and I are so blown away by your music. You provide the soundtrack for our lives, very sensual. Thank You.

15.10.03 11:55
hello i am french and since i have discovered Tricky,i have often fun .i mean that his songs are alls great in all his albums.when i listen tricky's songs with my friends,i "trip" and it's wacked!!!its difficult to explain my feellings because i can't speack english very well!just a lot of kisses to the Tricky's fans .BYE

17 JU-JU
15.10.03 11:52
THAT s just a good dream when i listen to VULNERABLE my so deep loved one on dis is search, search, survive and i dont care if it doesnt important to say but i wanted..ANYBODY gimme some ...... just to keep me hi tricka all the time we wait 4 U
  E-Mail http://www.jul.marguet@wanadoo.fr

16 kerberus
15.10.03 11:50
remember from gent in belgium at the i opend the gates for then i sow you on the highway in youre bmw heading to ostend

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