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45 david
16.10.03 00:37
wicked site!!!!
do you have any tour news???
and some news about constanza album with brown punk? do you know anything more about her?
thanx for the site again!
tricky for president

44 daniel
16.10.03 00:34
great site, greater music..........can anybody tell us a little bit more `bout the musicians on vulnerable?..I noticed some names i have`nt seen on previous tricky cds.......thnx.

43 bobby the red
16.10.03 00:31
good shit!!!!

42 julien
16.10.03 00:29
At first, `wanted to congratulate MARTINA, `cause I love her album : A nice reflection of your soul, there was nobody to make it but you, I'll be there the 8th of november, NO PROBLEM. Just a thing about the so exciting Trick'concert in Lyon (france, 15th july 2003) I'm really confused because of screaming "no problem" during evol.revol.love instrumental version: In fact, I think it made T angry 'cause he just did not sing this one.Well, I lose control with your music
love to whole tricky band and never give up KITTY, xtra thankUs to u (I know your guestbook is not exactely intend for that sort of things, Nowhere to write it) LOVE PEACE VOODOO DANCE

41 the grin
16.10.03 00:26
you should have come over

40 soleelluna
16.10.03 00:24
i'm an italian fan of tricky.. and i'm very proud of costanza!!
vulnerable is fantastic and their voices togehter are very unique and amazing!! super.. thanx for the beautiful site

39 Iptesam
16.10.03 00:21
very good site..a site off the hook!!!!!! tricky is definitly one of the fuckin´ best!!!

38 bittersweet and twisted
15.10.03 14:28
undoubtledly a great site about one of the greatest artists today..
btw.. vulnerable really is an amazing album.. really love all the songs, costanza really rocks (i'm totally in love with her :P )
just one last thing.. congrats on his concert in Vilar de Mouros, Portugal.. didn't see it myself, but i heard it was really fantastic..
cheers from Portugal, and keep up the good work (add somethin bout costanza :P)

37 gavin murray
15.10.03 14:26
marvellous site-saw tricky at witnness-fucking mesmerising

36 ghostdog
15.10.03 14:24
went to see him last night in munich, it was a good show, until he left the stage after one hour. he took of in a cab and i saw him so i yelled out how fucked it was to leave all these people just after an hour. well, he heard me and stopped the cab, got out and seriously wanted a fight, no bullshit, i got plenty of wittnesses. he also told me that it is my own fuckin' fault to buy his CD's and go to his shows........
well it went on for a bit longer, as he was so whacked out and aggressive. too bad he hasn't learned anything from the guys from spearhead, i hope he'll find peace oneday, too.
as to all of you, i am not saying stop liking him, i am just saying i stopped liking him, what a true arsehole.

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