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28 Einträge
18 Walter
13.10.04 06:39
I'm from Brazil and I love all Martina's songs...she is great!!
Soul Food is a perfect song,also well Anything.

17 Eva
30.09.04 14:57
I love your music! I was watching tv one night and I heard Anything. I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I'd ever heard. I also got your cd, Quicsotic!!! You are great!!!

16 joe90
25.08.04 00:00
I've heard that Martina is singing on the new album by the BLUES EXPLOSION..some tracks have been produced by DJ Shadow too..Does anyone have any more info on this??

15 Iselin
31.05.04 19:46
I really like your style, Martina! i`m studying and composing music myself, and I can tell you`re giving me lots of inspiration. My fav tracks so far are Soul Food and Anything. your voice is amazingly original to be a soul singer.. impressing!

14 Jane
07.05.04 02:33
Just wanted to say that u have a beautiful website.

all tricky-lovers.....contact me
  E-Mail 178981923

13 Joanna Ostolska
28.02.04 14:25

12 Stefanie
29.01.04 00:33
..... einfach ein klasse Album...

11 jessica
02.01.04 01:16
Love this site & the tricky one too, you are one decicated person thanks for the links to "makes me wanna die", and the Martina Mp3's thanks
  E-Mail http://groups.msn.com/DownforInterpol ariel

10 Offir
27.11.03 15:42
Bravo for this site! I'm really glad to see Tricky and Martina gets such a good attention! :)

I just will share a small thing with you - I was doing a two months trip in India and Nepal few weeks ago, and doing a trek while listening to this couple on the earphones, was almost "religious experience"! :)
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9 jul
12.11.03 10:24
MARTINA seems to me an angel and makes me cry hot tears for winter NOT JUST A VOICE NOT JUST A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN NOT JUST TRICKY LONGTIME PARTNER what can I say is bulls**t front of..

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