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59 Hanspeter Herzig
06.12.10 16:03
Hohe Bildung kann man dadurch beweisen, dass man die kompliziertesten Dinge auf einfache Art zu erläutern versteht.
58 Evelina
18.04.10 21:13
Holy God will bring judgment day on May 21, 2011. For further information visit:
May the Lord have mercy upon you in these last days of salvation.
57 keijo
13.04.10 17:55
Thank you to the Lord for miracles in salvation and power in God and all troubles will fall down in victory of Jesus and many ostacles we wil win and joy of peace and harmony.Thanks and bless and pray and joy of faith,keijo sweden
56 Panoramann
22.10.09 17:25
na dann ist ja alles gut... ;))
55 Richard
03.10.09 03:27
just looking through fellow christians sites,great site, God Bless
54 Bert Visscher
04.04.09 02:27
Hi great website vera!! I wish you well!!
53 Rodger Tutt
25.08.08 19:49
My favorite quote outside of the Bible.

“God’s purposes are so vast and glorious, beyond all guessing now, that when they are achieved and consummated, all our sufferings and sorrows of today, even the agonies that nearly break our faith, the disasters that well nigh overwhelm us, shall, seen from that fair country where God’s age long dreams come true, bulk as little as bulk now the pieces of a broken toy upon a nursery floor, over which, thinking that all our little world was in ruins, we cried ourselves to sleep.”

Dr. Leslie Weatherhead
52 Vera
27.05.08 07:36
I am sorry that your husband is ill. I hope he will be well soon. Prayers for him and you and your family have gone up to Heaven in Jesus name. God Bless, Vera
51 Lynda
27.05.08 04:07
Wealth of Christian encouragement, info.
Please pray for my hubby that his chemo for his acute myeloid leukemia puts him into lasting remission. He's M7 subtype
50 Rodger Tutt
08.12.06 04:06
A website for those who suffer unbearable emotional distress over the idea that God lets anyone suffer forever. It contains my testimony, my son’s tribute, many links, many writings, two forums, a guest book, a chart, and a web ring.
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