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40 sddssd
06.04.18 20:06
Ladna witryna.
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39 Angel
22.07.17 19:15
Everything was out of your imagination, the beautiful place full of natural plants, the view from the place all like a magazine post. And staying surround of all that beauty things you will get an amazing massage full of stunning, hot and sensations that you never imagine you can have. I recomend this magic experience to all who wants to get a real new feels in a massage.

38 arrbarr / Calgary, AB -> Tripadvisor review
03.12.16 20:13
An Amazing Experience You Won't Regret

I was looking for meditation/yoga retreat info in PV when stumbled across the Touch Experience. After reading the reviews I knew it was something I just had to do. I just started my meditation journey after years of stress in business ...and have had frequent massages.

This experience is not sexual, in fact Tantra massage isn't supposed to be. It's more like a peaceful rejuvenation or journey. Reinhard and Yair are an amazing lovely couple. The tranquility and peacefulness that they exude make you feel completely comfortable. They spend some time with you to talk about the massage and what to expect….for me it was more spiritual, for others it’s just a relaxing peaceful experience. They live in this beautiful house up in the hills of old town (about a 15 min walk from the Malecon). I went at 5pm and when I left it was about 8:30pm and dark – they had a cab waiting for me to take me back to my hotel (about 60 pesos). Reinhard has spent years around the world studying meditation, massage and spirituality – this Touch experience he personally developed over the years and is the only one of it’s kind.

There were candles lit everywhere in their beautiful open air massage room amongst the trees. My 4 hand massage was choreographed to beautiful music and did take me on a peaceful, relaxing journey. Something we all don’t get enough of. Not to mention how amazing a 4 hand massage was. Yes they work in the nude but to be honest, I didn’t even notice….like any massage table or massage – you pretty much have your eyes closed anyway and nothing seemed weird about it at all. Truly a comfortable experience.

Go! You won´t regret it. I can´t wait to go back again.

37 Tim F -> Tripadvisor review
07.11.16 20:21
A Unique Experience

If you are looking something out of the ordinary then this could be for you. The practice and development of this massage technique has been developed with the philosophy of holistic harmony of the body. By the end of the session I felt a renewal of contentment. I would recommend this massage to anyone who wishes to be tranquil, in touch with their subconscious, or a release of toxicity. I received the two hand session but I am looking forward to experiencing the four hand next time.

36 erer
27.10.15 15:17
Amazing site, greetings for everyone.
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